Clark Talks Turf: Battling goosegrass

July 18, 2017 By
Scott McElroy, Ph.D., is a turfgrass weed scientist at Auburn University. Scott conducts numerous field and laboratory experiments each year to develop weed control strategies for golf courses. You may reach Scott at for more information. Q: How widespread ...
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Rolling plus biological control of Microdochium patch

Non-treated plot (left) compared with a plot that received an experimental bio-control product (consisting of the fungi Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma virens) every two weeks in combination with rolling five days a week (right) in Corvallis, Ore. on Feb. 16, ...
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Where a full house always wins

July 17, 2017 By
Forget the royal flushes, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club in Las Vegas goes all in on a packed tee sheet. Roy Smith, general manager at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club in Las Vegas, remembers playing the course he now manages some six ...

Topramezone and Chelated Iron for Goosegrass Control

June 23, 2017 By and
Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) is one of the most problematic grassy weeds of turfgrass. Management can be difficult because of goosegrasses’ ability to thrive in extreme environments and the lack of available post emergent herbicides offering acceptable control. Monosodium methanearsonate (MSMA) ...
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Fight aging (in your greens)

June 21, 2017 By
Aging is tough. It’s just as tough on greens as it is on superintendents. And, just as a superintendent might put on a few pounds under his belt every year, organic matter accumulates as greens age. Superintendents know that applying ...

Are you driving fertility on one axle?

June 20, 2017 By
When time and budgets are tight, a superintendent might be tempted to choose between soil testing and more involved plant tissue analysis. Don’t. “Soil testing and plant analyses are like tandem axles under vehicles and trailers,” says Cliff Snyder, nitrogen ...